2019, 95 minutes

Retreat is a dark comedy drama about a Mother and Son looking to move on from a damaged past.

Retreat follows Jamie and Jane, a 19-year-old boy and his mum who have a damaged past and are struggling to move on and find themselves in the world. Jane is constantly changing her dreams and focusing on new hobbies and goals, which is creating a wider and wider rift with her son. In an effort to bond, Jane takes him on a road trip, the destination being a positive mindset retreat. When they finally get to the retreat, the cracks widen and secrets are revealed that not only change their perception of each other but ours as well. All this is told with a dark tone of comedy mixed with elements of love and romance, family and death, murder and intrigue.

Connected mandy members:

Candice Bowers
Jane Miles (Lead)
Matilde Jennings
Zara Mills
Production Designer
Production Designer
Sean Mackey
Director of Photography
Izzy Kidd
Maria Lago
Sean Jones
Foley Artist
Sound Editor
George Couch
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Kailey Walker
Make-up Artist
Lead Makeup Artist