Rough Around The Edges

2009, 120 minutes

A British comedy about people you'd rather not live next door to

"Rough Around The Edges" is a full length contemporary comedy-drama, along the lines of "Rita, Sue & Bob Too", set in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The plot revolves around the entangled lives of several groups of characters over the course of five days, including; (a) A trio of taxi drivers who find themselves having to dispose of a dead body under the noses of the authorities and their own families (b) A racist copper, under suspension, who is hell bent on framing the taxi drivers (c) A male stripper who doesn't go all the way in his routines because he lacks the one vital thing any male stripper must have; an arch enemy plots to expose his secret in the most revealing way possible (d) Two geeky students steal homebrew and distill it into moonshine so they can gain entrance to an upcoming party of the "beautiful people", where they hope to lose their virginity (e) A ruthless high school beauty who plots to split up the high school hunk from her hated rival, so she can have him for herself (f) A David Brent style business man, who rents out portable toilets for a living, thinks he's on a blind date-promise with one of his three baby-sitters. Is it the fit one, the plain one, or the fat one?

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Rough Around The Edges

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Steven Garry
Jeff (Ensemble Lead)
Lead Role - J.W.Pepper
Zahir Ahmed
PC Spencer
Malcom Dapper (lead )
Christophe Entressengle
Voice Over: English
Editor / Executive Producer