Sally and Clive

2009, 6 minutes

A man struggles with social taboo and his own moral dilemmas when he finds himself in love with an inflatable doll

Clive drives a black cab for a living. Every day he suffers the verbal abuse of passengers, the ostracisation of his colleagues and the white noise of London life. He does, however, have a confidant: Sally, an inflatable sex doll. He talks to it, repairs it when it gets damaged and even takes it out to dinner. He is not alone; at a group therapy session Clive joins others wishing to ‘cure’ themselves. Despite the group’s best efforts, Clive realises that he doesn’t want to let go of Sally. For it transpires that Sally – like other unfortunate souls in this world – had not always been in this state. People everywhere are spontaneously transforming into dolls. It happens without warning and those that bear witness – the friends, the children, the parents, the loved ones…they are left to tenderly caress a plastic hand, to speak patiently to a blank unchanging stare; presumably in the hope that the transformation could be reversed, or perhaps simply out of habit. Clive drives Sally around town, the way a loving husband does.

Connected mandy members:

Dan Hunt
Camera Operator
Margherita Manizza
Production Assistant
Alan Tang