Saving Conor

2021, 11 minutes

Kidnapping himself was the easy part...

Conor has the perfect plan to pay off his debts: with the help of his dubious acquaintance Jake, he pretends to have been kidnapped to collect a sizeable ransom from his family. But as he hides out in the countryside, his plan starts to fall apart when Jake takes Adam - an innocent passer-by - hostage, and his wife Liz (with her mate Meg) is on her way to deliver the money, but her car breaks down. Conor must think fast if he's going to stop Jake from killing Adam and prevent Liz and Meg from working out what's really going on. But thinking has never been Conor's strong point.

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Kerryn Arcari
Line Producer
Alessio Festuccia
Sound Mixer
Sound Editor / Sound Mixer