• 2016 100 minutes

    Murder Mystery

    Jeremy O'Reilly - the malicious, self-important TV presenter of the show - has returned to further demolish the reputation of the disheveled bunch of locals, as part of his 'Clean up Britain' crusade. However, when he winds up in their local pub, an unexpected turn ensues as the local's play a mischievous prank, which unfortunately goes horribly wrong - and culminates in the murder of the beautiful Paige Boston, a local actress. How could this happen in front of the world's press? What exactly happened? Who did what? A media frenzy kicks off as journalists hunt for answers, the media gossip, and accusations fly of corruption and deceit. Welcome to a week in modern media and the question "Who killed Paige Boston?" Written By Anonymous

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    • Mutant Robot, Justabout productions

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