• 2010 90 minutes

    British action film

    Shank is an action film, set in a decaying future London. The story follows Junior and his older brother Rager. The two love each other, however Junior has no idea that Rager is a gangster and thief. Rager leads his gang, "The Paper Chaserz" and they plan to steal goods out of a local van. The robbery is successful, however, Rager's enemies a rival gang called The Soldiers, chase them to get the goods for themselves. The crew escapes, however Junior is stranded and cornered by The Soldiers. Rager reappears and saves his brother. The two escape, however Soldier gang leader Tugz follows and attacks Rager. He stabs Rager and leaves him to die. Junior must now get revenge on The Soldiers. He looks for help from Rager's gang they plan a heist to finish off all of 'The Soldiers'.

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