Sir Lanval

2010, 52 minutes

A 12th century fairytale

A joint project with the Centre de l'imaginaire Arthurien in Brittany of a fairytale written in the late twelfth century and set in King Arthur's Court. - principal shoot in May 2010. A 52 minute film of a twelfth century fairytale, Sir Lanval, set in King Arthur's Court. It's a breathtaking rollercoaster of a romance - love, betrayal, deceit, passion, fidelity, all played out in the fairytale granite landscapes of both Dartmoor and Brittany. The film will initially be distributed free to schools and touristic places.

Companies involved in this production

Connected mandy members:

James Penzer
Set Designer
Prop Maker / Construction Assistant
Kelly Martinez
Costume Designer
fantasy costume & jewellery props designer