Sisters Grimm

2009, 93 minutes

Period romp set in The Quantocks, England.

Fancy and Esmeralda Grimm return to their ancestral village to discover things going bump in the night. 1815 England. Shipwrecked off Ireland and landed at Watchet Harbour, Somerset - Esmeralda Grimm and her half-sister Fancy, set out on the final leg of their journey home to the House of Grimm. Stumbling upon a coven of witches in a ruined church, they flee for their lives and take refuge in a deserted tavern. Befriended by an amorous yokel, they awake to discover their horses stolen. Left to cross the wild hills by foot, they are overtaken by a storm and are forced to take refuge in a ditch with a tinker whose tales about the Beast of the Moor make their night sleepless. Reaching Grimm Manor the following day, they are reacquainted with their estranged relatives - great aunt Augusta (Lady Grimm), second cousin Leopold, first cousin Wilberforce, and step-sister Evangelista. Ensconced together in a small attic room, Esme and Fancy are uneasy about being in the house. Fancy discovers great aunt Augusta dead and Leopold is suspected of having poisoned her for the title. However suspicion soon switches to Wilberforce who swears that it is the work of the Beast of the Moor. Ignoring all advice, Fancy and Esme become determined to rid the Grimm family of their evil reputation by routing out the Beast of the Moor.

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