Smoke and Mirrors

    • 2016 130 minutes

      A closer look at mysticism and people's beliefs.

      SMOKE AND MIRRORS sees a self confessed sceptic (Luke Mordue) lead a compelling investigation into the role played by psychic belief, mysticism, and all things supernatural in our spiritually divided world. With guidance from experts including historians, astrologers, psychologists, and scientists, Luke and the team explore the nature of our complex human convictions while engaging openly and fairly with an array of declared believers; ghost hunters, psychics, mediums and their clients

      Greater questions are raised about what the likes of science and psychology have to offer our understanding of mysticism and the paranormal as well as the legality and morality of psychic practitioners who charge large sums to provide spiritual guidance. At what point does something promoted as entertainment become outright fraud? Do they really believe they can perform these extraordinary tasks and more importantly are these abilities truly possible?

      SMOKE AND MIRRORS presents a clear, agenda-less investigation into the current state of supernatural belief. At the heart of the documentary lie questions about our human perceptions, how we rationalise our convictions, what causes our fears or brings us comfort, and ultimately why we believe what we believe. Opinions on the supernatural are undoubtedly diverse, but what Luke and the team will uncover in their investigation remains a mystery…

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