2010, 5 minutes

A South London Fable of revenge

SOUTHSIDE is an action mystery thriller story with fantasy elements. It is a tale of one woman’s revenge - our heroine Christine Fox, who seeks retribution on those that killed her family and forced her into hiding. In spite of her tragedy she tried to live in peace. Then one day men turn up and attempted to steal her baby – the result of a brutal rape. The fire in Christine’s stomach returns with a venom. She leaves her home in Hertfordshire and returns to Brixton, South London- and to the scene of her greatest pain. Here Christine will enter the murky underworld of a dark place she had tried to forget in order to piece the puzzle together. In a quest to discover the truth of that terrible night which ultimately changed her life Christine will leave a trail of bodies in her path and also find out family secrets that will further rock her world.

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