Spare Change

    • 2016 10 minutes

      Struggling actor gets role after terrible day

      Jamie Cresswell is a struggling actor who has the day from hell, dejected by another role that hasn't gone well, he decides to head home only to find he's left the keys inside his house and is unable to get it. Disgruntled he decides to sit outside his house and wait for someone to come back, as hes waiting outside he rips his shirt accidentally and becomes more disheveled only for a passer by to mistake him for being homeless. Jamie then decides to exaggerate this, finding some cardboard to write on and begins to beg for money. That is until fate intervenes and he sees a poster for an acting job on the floor. He decides to use the money he has gather from begging and get a train to the audition. Arriving late, he persuades his way into the room, and delivers a monologue that seemingly lands him the role.

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