2016, 95 minutes

True life story of a family's struggle for survival

Starfish is based on the true-life story of Tom (Tom Riley) and Nicola Ray (Joanne Froggatt), whose lives changed overnight and beyond recognition when Tom contracted a rare and life threatening illness. Tom survived, but at a price. Starfish is not simply a story about bad things happening to good people; it is a testament to the incredible things people are capable of when confronted with the unimaginable. It is a story of survival against the odds, not only for Tom but for their proud family unit. Tom and Nic show us, above all, what can be overcome when love is unconditional.

Connected mandy members:

Tom's brother
Surgeon's Assistant
Tom's sister
Max Krupski
Isabel Boddy
Camera Trainee
Runner/Camera Trainee
Curtis Burrell
Location Manager
Assistant Location Manager
Senior Consultant
Ben Gregory-Ring
Stills Photographer
Bill Clark
Writer / Director
Writer / Director