Sun, Moon and Talia

2019, 15 minutes

A young ballet dancer flees the nest to play the lead in Sleeping Beauty, falling into the trap of an abusive director that will pit her against her own mother.

Talia tells her mother that she quit work today to audition for the new Sleeping Beauty ballet, and she got the part of Aurora. Concerned with their already dire financial situation, the mother expresses her anger and Talia leaves her to live at the ballet school. Talia soon discovers that she is overtaking the part of a ballet dancer who mysteriously dropped out from the role. One night, her dance teacher drugs her and sexually abuses her. Talia gets into contact with the previous dancer, and on the night of the final show, brings her out on stage too, and the two dance together, ready to bring down the dance teacher for good.

Companies involved in this production

Connected mandy members:

Sean Mackey
Director of Photography
Gaffer / AC
Simon Alison
Lead (Kale Russo)
Kat Easto
Production Designer
Production Designer and Storyboard Artist on short film ‘Sun, Moon and Talia’. Producing full scale abstract stage design for dance sequences, costume and set design, and several graphic posters and leaflets.
Daniel Leigh
Sound Recordist
Sound Recordist & Dubbing Mixer
Joe Luk
Camera Trainee
Director of Photography