Sure Fire hit

2010, 122 minutes

Drama/Action film

Kam is in her thirties and from the suburbs nearing her well earned if somewhat early retirement. She is asked by her boss to train up a replacement before she leaves. Her boss TONY is an arranger of murders for payment and had used Kam for years due to her skills and professionalism. In all the hits she has carried out for him there has never been a hint of blamed attributed to his name and because of this they have both amassed a small fortune, they could both easily afford to retire tomorrow. With Kam's departure imminent Tony persists with his requests to train up a replacement which makes Kam uncomfortable. She has spent years keeping a low profile with such an unassuming appearance that even if she had been seen walking out of a burning apartment no one would suspect she had started the fire in the first place. Kam eventually caves in to Tony's request and agrees to meet JANE and they plan a way to carry out their deed for the day. It soon becomes apparent however that Jane has no long term plans to be an assassin as she has a hidden agenda of her own. Similar to Kam's hatred for men caused by her low life father walking out when she was two, but in Jane's case just two men, her parents murderer and the detective that stole their insurance money. A few blocks from where the girls share the apartment live a couple of guys called WARNER and CHRIS. Warner is Kam's ex love who even years later still loves her and Chris is his buddy and partner in crime who similarly to Tony arranges hits for payment. Unfortunately for Chris the similarity ends there though as instead of having the back up of a skilled, silent professional he has to contend with a Matrix mad clown who due to his wild assumption he is invisible, leaves more witnesses than victims. Apart from arranging hits Chris loves to party. He loves booze and broads and has a delightful sense of humor. During one of his "sessions" he bumps into Jane and amuses her with his off the cuff quips and jokes. She likes him too but is far too busy thinking about work and her long term determination to nail her Mom and dad's killer than to worry about men. She returns to the bar one night with Kam and the timing could not be worse as Warner is in the same area and Kam takes off after him. Jane and Chris follow and a spectacular automobile and motor cycle chase begins as the four dodge each other in city traffic and narrow alleyways. In a desperate attempt to outwit each other all four make a last stand in the outskirts of the city, not really knowing who to trust.

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