2011, 14 minutes

A dark, haunting, psychological drama exploring the consequences of choices in a gay relationship

Tandem is a universal story, which speaks the language of love and lust, emotions and psychology. A hard-hitting, haunting, provocative British drama, the narrative is as timeless as a Greek tragedy - placed in the context of a sensual and contemporary world. It is honest and frank in it's depictions of psychology and sexuality. It is a film about emotion. And - no matter who you are - it is a film about you and me. Told through two interwoven timelines, Tandem offers a no-holds barred glimpse into an intense gay relationship, where the love is expressed physically, tenderly and where the emotions run deep. It is a universal story which should reach out to anybody who knows how it feels to love.

Connected mandy members:

Mr. Now (lead)
Mr. Never
James Martin
Director / Producer / Writer