That´s Interesting

2012, 90 minutes

If you are not socially active online, you might as well be dead

4 Swedish girls and 3 Swedish men stop over in Serbia on their way to a Turkey seaside holiday. They all lose their mobiles and when one of their car breaks down, they are forced to go to a nearby village to find a mechanic shop. They encounter all sorts of comic incidences in the village. When they are informed by the mechanic that the spare part is only available in Belgrade, they decide to visit the only local person with Internet connection. She turns out to be a witch and while playing around with her computer, they let loose a demon from the Internet. The demon demands that they entertain it with a story or a puzzle or a joke and when they don't, it starts killing them off one after another using their deepest fears confessed online. The young people are forced to confront their fears and try to overcome the demon. Will they succeed or will they also become victims of the Internet demon that plagues our society?

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Maya Lindh
Diana (lead)
Dag Soerlie
Lead (Malin)