The Ballad of Goltho Parish

2010, 20 minutes

Period drama with a modern edge

GOLTHO An original and authentic “British western”, GOLTHO is set in the isolated fenlands of rural Lincolnshire in the mid 18th century. It tells the story of a tough peasant farmer being forced from his land by the Squire’s spoilt son and his cut-throat press-gang of sailors. As the farmer prepares for their brutal confrontation, he is shown comfort and affection by a charming yet mysterious maiden, whose hot-tempered passion sparks the film’s darkly magical climax. GOLTHO is an action-adventure folk tale and supernatural love story, from a violent and corrupt age when fanciful superstitions could prove to be dangerously real, and justice was served with a bible and a sword.

Connected mandy members:

Captain Tom Bristol
Reverend Luke
Ryan Jones
Press-Ganger Jones