The Calling

  • 2009 109 minutes

    A young woman abandons her modern life to enter a closed order of Benedictine Nuns

    Joanna (Emily Beecham) is about to graduate from University with her whole life set up for her but she has decided to face up to a truth she has been avoiding her whole life. Since she was small, she has had the desire to become a Nun. She is set on joining a closed order of Benedictines. Her best friend cannot believe it, her boyfriend is devastated and her mother feels it's just a phase. The only encouragement she gets is from the family's religious housekeeper, Consuela (Harriet Thorpe). When she finally gets to the convent, the liberalism of a politically active Novice Sister, Ignatious (Brenda Blethyn) and a bunch of women with border-line mental illness, including a psychotic Mother Superior (Susannah York), an alcoholic football fan in charge of the vineyard (Rita Tushingham), an over-pious floor mopper, Sister Hilda (Pauline McLynn) to name a few at first makes her wonder if she's following the right path after all but as she gets to know the Sisters and the enormous community bond they all share and the spiritual love that connects them she starts to see glimpses of her own spiritual fulfilment. Several weeks into her vocation she discovers something in herself which brings a whole new series of secrets out into the open until eventually the bond she has with Sister Ignatious dictates and assists in her destiny.

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