The Casebook of Eddie Brewer

2012, 89 minutes

Someone is Calling, one Man is Listening

A documentary film crew from the Culture Channel join old-school paranormal investigator, Eddie Brewer as he is questioned by a paranoid taxi driver, investigates a neurotic mother who believes her daughter is possessed by a Nineteenth Century clown and encounters an elderly couple who believe the empty house next door is haunted. Eddie is also called to Rookery House, a listed council building, where workers have reported ghastly noises, strange odours and electrical surges. Could this be the case that provides Eddie with the evidence he has always wanted?

Connected mandy members:

Mike Blunt (and one of film's Co-Producers)
Taxi Driver
Pardip Kumar
Man 1 (Office Worker)
Foster Harbinger
Greg Hobbs
Colin Pennells
Myria Panayiotou
AD (1st)
1st Assistant Director