The Confusion of Tongues

2015, 95 minutes

A polyphonic story following a day in the life of a group of Birmingham residents before they compete for the prize money at their local pub quiz

Helen and Derek are preparing their biggest pub quiz yet and everyone has eyes on the prize. Mary is determined to get her daughter Gemma to enjoy herself, whilst Kelvin is determined not to let his lover know the extent of his financial ruin and enlists the help of Barry, a window cleaner, in a crazy plan to make money. Ashley has just written a new book, but no-one wants to buy it, much to his agent’s distress. It’s a big day with a bigger night ahead.

Companies involved in this production

Connected mandy members:

Joe Richards
Co-Producer & 1st A.D.
Matt Lim
Actor, Entertainer
Phelim Kelly
Actor, Talent
Ashley Franklin
Alex Dewhirst
Camera Operator
Camera Operator
Rowan M. Ashe
AD (2nd)
Co-Producer & Production Manager
Emily J White
Storyboard Artist
PA to 2nd Unit Director
Ben Gregory-Ring
Stills Photographer
Caleb Irving
Directors Assitant
Brendan O'Neill
Director (Self Shooting)
Associate Producer