The Coven

  • 2015 90 minutes


    Present day, late October in historic Highgate, North London.
    Charismatic Teacher (Mr Sheers) strolls a wood panelled classroom debating with his
    young teenage students the significance of the number seven, the religious values of
    Neo-Paganism and recent activity in nearby Queen’s Wood, home to many lime-filled
    plague pits from the Black Death in the sixteen hundreds.
    He reveals there exists a clearing within Queen’s Wood surrounded by thirteen ancient
    Oak trees officially known as ‘The Coven’ and that many Pagans
    continue to meet there.
    His lesson is interrupted by a beautiful Supply Teacher (Mrs Belial), who advises that
    he is needed by the Headmaster right away.
    Mrs Belial continues the class and raises the topic of missing rebel politico
    ‘Uri Clef’. She explains the name ‘Uri’ is Hebrew for ‘God of Light’ and ‘Clef’ is
    French for the word ‘Key’. The Key to the God of Light.
    Uri charmed students across the country with his enigmatic ways. Parents objected to
    his extremist views, fearing he was gathering a young atheistic army. The suggestion
    of anarchy is fuelled after seven people vanished on the night of Halloween some years
    before – Uri Clef and his chosen six disciples. All that was found were Uri’s motorbike
    keys under one of Oaks in the Coven, linking his presence to Queen’s Wood that night.
    The Woods have remained closed to the Public on Halloween ever since.
    Captivated, five school girls: (twins Cara & Ruby, Ulrika, Fran and Izzy) plan a secret
    sleep-over in the woods on Halloween and lie to their parents about their whereabouts.
    In the Coven they discover the name “LUCIFER” freshly scrawled on the ground and
    in an act of bravado Izzy chalks their names under each matching initial.
    She leaves two spare letters: L and E.

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    • FX Team Productions

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Alternative Names

  • Coven, the
  • Coven