The Delivery Boy

2021, 14 minutes

A Sudanese refugee needs to make money urgently in order to pay for his mother's life-saving treatment. Desperate, he embarks on London's drug delivery business.

The story follows Osman, a refugee from Sudan who works as a food delivery boy in London. Despite being only a teenager, Osman is used to the long hours of hard work, the precarious conditions of the place he was allocated to live in, and the perpetual feeling of being an outsider. In a pivotal moment, he learns through a phone call with his brother how sick their mother has become back in Sudan, and how Osman needs to hastily obtain money to pay for her life-saving treatment. To his fortune (or maybe misfortune), Cristina, a wealthy woman who is a regular delivery customer of his, steps in. She takes advantage of Osman's desperation, and gets him involved in her drug dealing enterprise. Now that he has become a drug delivery boy, Osman will have to face a new set of struggles, challenges, and even a few enemies.

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Rob Cummings
Police Officer
Pietro Di Bari
Music composer