The Devil's Business

    • 2010 190 minutes

      Independent British Horror

      THE DEVIL’S BUSINESS stars Billy Clarke as Pinner, a veteran hitman who takes a job that leads him to confront some very unpleasant demons from his past. According to writer/director Sean Hogan, having a middle-aged man in the central role is one element that separates his movie from a lot of the current genre product. “It’s slightly unusual for a contemporary horror film to focus on an older character,” he tells us. “Our protagonist is a guy who is ultimately forced to look back on an ill-spent existence and not only question everything he’s lived for, but also confront the fact of what this might have cost him in this life—and the next. Not the sort of story you can really tell with an 18-year-old lead!

      - taken from the Fangoria website, news.

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