The Evolution of Madagascar

2016, 43 minutes

45-minute nature documentary

Madagascar is the world’s oldest island, and the most endemic-rich ecosystem on Earth. Over 100 lemur species, half of the world’s chameleons, and every type of ecosystem imaginable. But since humans arrived, just 1500 years ago, and particularly over the last 200 years of development, Madagascar is now a global hotspot of critically endangered species. As little as 2% of it’s forest still stands. What’s left, is one hell of a story to tell. 'The Evolution Of Madagascar' follows the evolution of life over this incredible island, from the lush rainforests of the East, to the dry savannahs of the West. We meet soggy Bamboo Lemurs, fierce Panther Chameleons, and the people who have such a powerful presence on the land. We explore the life of some of the most remarkable ecosystems on the planet, and how they came to be the way they are today. In so doing, we discover what the life of Madagascar might look like in the future. The forest may have all but disappeared, but the spirit to save it is growing stronger every day.

Connected mandy members:

Peter Baumann
Composer, Foley Artist, Sound Designer & Sound Editor
Andrew Clark
Voice Over: English
Narrator & Producer