The Fall

2013, 90 minutes

A mother's sacrifice...A country's freedom

East Berlin, 1989: EMMA EIGER is a simple housewife and mother, thrown into the world of Cold War espionage when her son is arrested for murder by the East German Secret Police. WERNER REINHARDT, head of East German intelligence, is charmed by Emma at a chance meeting. The solitary spymaster is drawn not only to the beautiful woman, but the opportunity to exploit her plight. He offers to help Emma...for a price. Emma sees Reinhardt as her only hope to save her son, and agrees to bring down an American operative who’s escalating demonstrations that threaten the regime. As Reinhardt transforms Emma from housewife to spy, she realizes what’s at stake when she witnesses an assassin brutally murder another informant. Then, when Emma’s son mysteriously dies in prison, the American convinces her that Reinhardt has betrayed her, and she turns double agent. Emma executes a delicately orchestrated plan, and her actions, interwoven with actual historic events, bring about the fall of the Berlin Wall. Shortly after the collapse of Reinhardt’s world, he gets a call that the assassin has a new target: the traitor who caused the fall. Now it’s a race for Reinhardt to get to Emma before the assassin does.

Connected mandy members:

Lois Norman
Grandma - Speaking Role
Jiahan Cai
Phillippa Blackmore
Personal Assistant
Graphics/Assistant set designer