The Glowing Hours

The Glowing Hours

2011, 20 minutes

A young girl looks to the past to remember a promise she once made

'The Glowing Hours' follows a young girl named Olivia through the intimate memories of her past, where she searches for the love of her mother and remembers a timeless promise she once made. As snow begins to fall over Christmas, Olivia arrives at the mysterious place Stowfield, where she forms an unlikely friendship with peculiar teenager Spook, both sharing a dream of their mothers and helping one another not to feel alone as they hang on the cusp of an unknown future. Written and directed by Paul Young and starring Maya Beresford, 'The Glowing Hours' is a sweet and magical story about transcending loss and finding hope in the darkest of places.

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Mrs Ashton - Social Worker
Kaushik Bhattacharya
Alexandra Leary
Script Supervisor
Script Supervisor
Nick Kyriakides
Visual Effects Artist
Compositor, Visual FX
Chris Boyle
Editor (Final Cut Pro)
Production Coordinator