The Great Flu

    • 2013 15 minutes

      The Great Flu

      A period psychological drama set in 1919 Britain. Noah Hayes, a frontline doctor, returns home to rural England after his time on the Western Front. Having experienced the horrors of war for four long years and staying abroad to treat those affected by the Spanish influenza, he finally reaches his quiet hamlet he left to serve King and Country.

      However upon returning home he discovers his wife, Helen, having an affair with his best friend and brother in arms, Gray, in their matrimonial bed. His resolve weakened by the death he has seen and his mind addled by PSTD and the Flu breaks him. He is pushed over the edge and kills them both with his father's old revolver.

      As Noah attempts to flee the scene he is accosted by the local residents and off-duty soldiers who attempt to talk him down. He scares them away and goes on the run through the fields and local woods. Haunted by visions of those he tried to save, the brutality of the trenches and eventually those closest to him that he has hurt by his actions.

      Narrated by an Interviewer, who attempts to get the full story by Noah in the moments leading up to his sentence being carried out. The film culminates with Noah coming upon two officers which he attempts to kill to escape but runs out of ammunition injuring one. Blackmailing the uninjured officer that he will save his partner's life in return for his freedom.

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      • Sad Clown Fish Productions

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    • Great Flu, the