The Great Ghost Rescue

    • 2010 150 minutes

      Film adaption of the Children's novel 'The Great Ghost Rescue' by Eva Ibbotson

      The story deals with a ghost called Humphrey the Horrible, a friendly ghost - quite unlike his frightful, ghastly and loathsome family: his mother, a Hag; his father, a Scottish ghost killed fighting in the Battle of Otterburn in which he lost both his legs, and was run through by a sword; his brother George, a Screaming Skull; and his sister, Winifred, a wailing ghost covered in bloodstains.

      The little family are turned out of their castle home when humans plan to redevelop the castle into a holiday resort. They travel with across England, accompanied by their headless Aunt Hortensia and their pet Shuk, and come to Norton Castle School, mistaking it for an empty castle. Here, they meet Rick, a student quite unafraid of ghosts. Rick plans to take the ghosts to the Prime Minister for peace talks concerning the large numbers of ghosts being turned out of their homes.

      The ghosts and Rick head to London, and pick up an assortment of hangers-on along the way.

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