The Haunting of Ellie Rose

  • 2009 80 minutes

    Brooding Horror Film

    The year is 1957. A damaged emotional Eli Rose arrives at an old long forgotten family cabin along the broken coastline somewhere in east coast America. The sheer worn cliff faces dominate the area and hold back the fierce sea that crashes in from the high winds. Her story is unknown and motives for being there unclear. Arriving unprepared and packed with few supplies she seems anxious at either leaving or someone else arriving. The house abandoned years ago still holds most of its original decor and memories providing us with hints toward a shattered family, which once filled the space.

    Plagued by the reoccurring nightmare of the violent murder of her family, Eli starts to understand her reasons for being there. One morning after yet another vivid dream of carnage, she opens the trunk to the car to discover the unsettling evidence of her nightmares. Burying the bodies of her murdered family tips her over the edge. Whether Eli is ready or not she has to deal with her situation. Building a cage in the outside barn quickly becomes her obsession, but the answer to who or what its for sits beyond the sandy beaches around the house.

    Before long her nightmares turn real and those things that stalk her mind become the walking talking demons that you find inside everyone’s soul. Trapped at her own doing or imprisoned by some unseen motion set in action by someone else, Eli soon starts to spiral into a reality she has lost control of many times before. Isolation isn’t always the solution, but for Eli it’s a self-provided certainty.

    A storm is gathering across the seas and heading inland, Eli should consider her actions carefully before it hits, for the answer to whether we are truly alone lies closer to the surface than you’d expect, as for Eli it lies in her past.

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Alternative Names

  • Not Alone
  • Haunting of Ellie Rose, the