The Invisible Man

2016, 1 minutes

A motley crew of illegal immigrants sharing a house, battle against the authorities as well as themselves as they try to survive in a modern day London.

Sensitive and intelligent Okiki, has come to England in an attempt to escape hardships back in his native Nigeria. His sojourn has been encouraged by his old friend Abbey, the eternal optimist, who has been struggling in the UK as an illegal immigrant for a few years whilst creating a different picture back home. Okiki joins Abbey in the ‘under-the-radar’ grind and both share a house with four other men in a similar plight. Agula the volatile psychotic from war-torn Sierra Leone, who engages in criminal activities to survive; Solomon, the bubbly, happy-go-lucky lad also from Nigeria; the overly paranoid Yoofi from Ghana who strives to stay two steps ahead of the system and the septuagenarian Papa G, alcoholic and living in the UK since the ark dried up. Determined to build a new life, Okiki very quickly starts to experience the obstacles of his chosen path. The characters all share a common antagonist in the authorities but also face inter-personal conflicts which create the atmosphere for dramatic and hilarious scenes. As times goes on, things only get tougher for the characters and one after the other their English dreams all head towards their respective conclusions.

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