The Last Days Of Edgar Harding

  • 2011 120 minutes

    Managed by world famous rock manager, Edgar Harding, a small time band is on the brink of success.

    On the eve of receiving the elusive recording contract all bands dream about, a devastating twist of events follow and test just how far one band will go to 'sign the deal'.Set over 3 days, they experience the highs of success only to lose their grip a day later. They decide they must do whatever it takes to get it back, at a devastating personal cost to one of them.The Last Days of Edgar Harding is an amusing, yet shocking story about how ambition changes the lives of four musicians forever.

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Alternative Names

  • The Last Days of Edgar Harding (2010)
  • The Last Days of Edgar Harding (2009)
  • Last Days Of Edgar Harding, the
  • Last Days of Edgar Harding
  • Edgar Harding