The Legend of the Alleyman

2009, 90 minutes

Horror Flick

Amy and Jack welcome new girl, Laura, to their sleepy town. Used to a big city life, little in these remote parts can impress Laura. While they drive around the small town Jack starts to tell Laura about a local urban legend, the legend of the Alleyman. A boy who ran away from home, taking refuge in the woods and alleyways, hunting whatever strayed into his domain. The stories go back decades. Some claim, as a boy he was admitted to the hospital on Clophill. The hospital was infamous for its radical treatment on children with mental health problems. Laura doesn't believe a word they are telling her, it's nothing she hasn't heard before. But Jack has one more story to tell. Psychology student, Victoria, local film maker, Ash, and Alleyman enthusiast, Piers, all have one thing in common, the Alleyman. Ash assembles the best cast and crew he can, with no time or money and they descend onto the woods. After an encounter with the mysterious grounds keeper they soon discover that they are not alone in the darkness and something stalks them in the shadows. Just keep telling yourself ; 'It's only a story..... Isn't it?'

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Kirk Moore
Piers Marshall (Main)
Ash (Lead)
Mr Craven
Alexander Meah
Camera Operator
Runner/Camera Operator/Boom Operator