The Life Experiment

2009, 61 minutes

Detective Show fronted by manipulative reality TV star Milan Milton

The Simple Lies Experiment is seeking to create an ongoing, interactive, film that anyone can add to and take control of. A cinematic game of consequences where instead of writing a sentence and passing it on to the next person, you film a scene and add it in. So, every time the film screens it will be a new version of the story. This is possible because each character is dictated by a simple set of costume rules. For example, anyone in with blonde hair and a red dress is the show’s star, Milan; anyone in a suit and hat is the apprentice detective, Daub; anyone in a white shirt and braces is Whattle, Daub’s older partner. The final aim of the project is to make a compelling and evolving, episodic film. Something more fluid and evolving than the 2009 myspace movie Faintheart (soon to hit cinemas in the UK) and more narrative than the Frieze Art Fair’s 2008 film: Road Movie.

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