The Man at Table 9

2018, 30 minutes

Short Thriller based in a restaurant

The man at table 9 is a short thriller about a man in his late 50's who always comes into a restaurant at the exact same time everyday at twenty- past three, he is never a second early or late. Joey and Phill the two servers grow increasingly suspicious at the mans behaviour so they decide to follow him one day after work. This film is an edge of your seat thriller, the story makes you question and ponder about the mysterious old man and there are shocks and twists in the story that will truly grip you. We want the suspense to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, keeping viewers guessing right until the last minute of the film. So the main focus is on the central narrative of the man, who is he? why does he come into the restaurant at exact same time everyday..?

Connected mandy members:

Matt Salmon
Luis Walker
Director/ Writer/ Producer
Willis Langley
Camera Assistant