The Manners

    • 2016 90 minutes

      Comedy Feature Film

      A posh and over-confident lady who lives and works for the royal family, unknowingly adopts the most unruly and uncultured boys from an orphanage.Jenny Manners has nothing out of place in her house. Everything is clean, polished and labelled.Having adopted a young girl called Etiquette eight years ago, Jenny and her husband Nick Manners decided to adopt again but this time unknowingly adopts the most unruly boys (Etiquette brothers)from an orphanage.The Manners brought up Etiquette to show good behaviour, manners and protocol. Etiquette is now 18 and has a secret crush on Prince Maxwell. But will the prince ever find out? Etiquette later discovered some important information about their late parents and had to recover their wealth from an evil uncle.

      Companies involved in this production

      • Super Alpha Productions Ltd

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    Alternative Names

    • Manners, the