The Methodists

  • 2020 90 minutes

    a proper BritFlick based in the Midlands The Methodists, 'Harvey' and 'Winks' are not your ordinary hitmen! This darkly humorous and very British film will take the audience on a crazy unexpected journey. With iconic characters, amazing monologues, this f

    The Methodists follows the exploits of two very different hitmen 'Harvey' and 'Winks' who are sent to give someone a good slap and pick up some money but Winks's poor eyesight and lust for violence lead him to go overboard and he kills the son of a particularly psychotic female gang boss Kelly Morgan. This starts a series of crazy events and so begins the main plot of the film. Morgan is out to get her own back, The Methodists are out to get her first, but must overcome strong opposition, diversions from well-meaning family members and a hitwoman to boot! This refreshingly diverse script is full of regional accents, very strong female characters with ages ranging from 10 to 74. It's full of dark humour, fights with faults, has unexpected twists and turns, scenes that will become instantly iconic, Such as 'Barry' the gun runner who Harvey is sent to meet but could never have predicted the odd unexpected hilarious character Barry is, and halfway through the big fight scene at the end 'Nasty' Billy Lynch has to ask for a break due to his diabetes, then delivers the greatest monologue about biscuits ever written.

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