The Oyster Position

  • 2018 11 minutes

    Stag night shenanigans ensue when the best man turns out to be the groom's worst enemy.

    Perfect couple Oliver and Lucy are getting married, but boastful best man Vince is appalled when he discovers that the groom has only ever slept with his bride-to-be. On the stag night, Vince pays escort Kim to introduce Oliver to the fabled pleasures of the Viennese Oyster Position. But when a text goes astray and Lucy shows up in her wedding dress, pimp Tony tries to recruit her to his sleazy agency. Unfulfilled Oliver hurriedly dresses, leaving would-be stud Vince to fail dismally in the sack with Kim. THE OYSTER POSITION is a salutary story about settling down, sex and seafood.

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  • Oyster Position, the