The Patient

  • 2017 15 minutes

    If you had the chance to start again and rebuild yourself would you take it?

    A young man is completely disfigured after surviving a brutal car accident.

    Whilst waiting to proceed with facial reconstruction surgery, "The Patient", is covered head-to-toe in bandages and confined to a wheelchair in Doctor Ivory's private clinic.

    What is mysterious is that the young man refuses to talk, or even reveal his name.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Ivory, has to deal with two women, both claiming to be his mother.

    One woman was in the car with The Patient during the accident.

    One woman is the mother of the third passenger, who died during the brutal car crash.

    Only The Patient and Dr. Ivory know who the real mother truly is.

    What is unclear is why he does not want to reveal it to anyone.

    Companies involved in this production

    • Ari Rissotti

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Alternative Names

  • Patient, the