The Translucent Pigments of a Jellyfish Hood

2014, 18 minutes

A melancholic drama about a family's experience of the arrival of a jellyfish flock from space.

'The Translucent Pigments of a Jellyfish Hood' is a melancholic family drama with some transcendental subtext to it. "In 2010 a group of scientists announced the arrival of a Jellyfish flock from space. People began speculating about the nature of the visit. Some of them consider the jellyfish as spiritual entities in charge of blessing humanity through their superior knowledge of things. Some other people think they will come to punish men for their numerous sinful actions" The film is about a family's experience of the arrival. The characters have got a troubled past, things that are either kept hidden or simply long forgotten. The encounter with the jellyfish effects each member of the family differently and slowly opens up these concealed old wounds.

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