The Tremendous Silence of Mid-July

  • 2015 13 minutes

    The story of a boy who expects to be forgotten and a girl who chooses not to remember.

    Cait, a skinny, 15-year-old, missionary's daughter, unpacks boxes in her new bedroom. She comes across a pile of photos of herself and friends from way back. She takes them outside and burns them.

    At church with her parents, she meets the minister's son, Zach, a shy boy about her age. Drawn together by mutual boredom and loneliness they begin to spend more and more time together collecting hymnbooks after church and taking photos with Zach’s old SLR camera. In his bedroom, she sees her picture among a collection of photos of Zach's friends, who all moved away. He asks if she has photos of her old friends, but she says she doesn't keep them.

    When her father is called back to the mission field, Cait’s inevitable departure draws ever closer. Will Zach be another photo she doesn’t keep?

    The Tremendous Silence of Mid-July is a short drama film about what we choose to forget and who we choose to remember. After all: “Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” (L.M. Montgomery)

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  • Tremendous Silence of Mid-July, the