The Village School

2012, 31 minutes

Documentary about a Special Needs school.

The Village School Documentary - starring Kay Johnson, David McLean, Russell Davey, Alison Moss, Rob Lynch, Liz Jeffs, Ian Wybrew - Bond, Hannah Sakyi, Deirdre O'Flanagan, Prof.Faisal Abdu'allah, Dennis Wise, Steve Frankham. We follow the staff and pupils from the Village School based in Kingsbury, NW London, as they prepare for the completion of their brand new school. As the film unfolds we see Kay Johnson, passionate Head Teacher, leading her pupils into the construction site to view the eagerly anticipated demolition of the old school building.The pupils all from diverse multicultural backgrounds with a range of complex learning difficulties illustrate their personal challenges, ups and downs, viewing the schools commitment to facilitate a high standard of education.

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Pedro Rilhó
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