The Wait

2018, 43 minutes

A documentary examining the plight of Syrian Christians taking refuge in Lebanon.

SUMMARY: ‘The Wait’ follows the lives of Syrian Christians who have escaped the oppressive skies of their homeland and have taken refuge in a Syriac Orthodox Monastery in Lebanon. Unable to work or find education for their children, they find themselves stuck in an in-between existence: waiting for visas to the West. Centred around the Eastern Orthodox celebrations of Easter, ‘The Wait’ gives an insight into their spiritual as well as physical longing. IMPORTANCE: There are currently 1.5 million Syrian Refugees living in Lebanon with a population of around 6 million. Syrian Christians are a minority of this population. At times like these, when ethnic and religious groups are being increasingly divided across the world, it is crucial we hear from those who are trapped outside of their control and celebrate the cultural and religious diversity of the Middle East.

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