The War Room

2012, 8 minutes

Commander Charles Irving is confronted by a difficult decision when called to retreat his troops during a civilian evacuation mission. Will he recall his men or sacrifice them to guarantee the survival of civilians.

It’s the end of a lost war. Commander Charles Irving is overseeing the evacuation of civilian from a frontline military base. They are experiencing consistent bombardment and harassment from enemy aircrafts. Their transportation consists of an underground shuttle that has been hindered and slowed due to excessive weight from too many refugees. The Commander is called into the war room only to be confronted by the news that unexpected enemy ground forces are advancing, a situation they are completely unprepared for. HQ contacts the base ordering an immediate evacuation of all military personnel over that of civilians. The Commander goes ahead with the order only to be verbally attacked by the civilian chancellor. The discussion becomes so heated that she is removed from the war room. The Commander then contacts one of the battalions under his command. He talks to the leading officer who turns out to be his son. The son convinces his father to disobey the order and to continue the evacuation of the civilians at the cost of their own lives. This results in a debate between the Commander and his second in command, who eventually concedes to the commander’s decision. We conclude as the Commander watches the enemy close in on their position and the underground shuttle leave.

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