The Writer

2010, 10 minutes

A short, surrealist narrative film

The Writer is a short, surrealist narrative film about a man trying to write his great masterpiece but is unable to get inspired. This eventually comes from the dramatic events that unfold between the neighbouring couple, Lisa and Tom, as Lisa becomes an obsession for the writer. This phase of inspiration comes to an abrupt end when, during a particularly savage argument, in the room above, the writer hears asudden and suspicious crash on the floor, followed by eerie silence.Concerned about what has happened the writer heads up to the neighbour’sflat and discovers the dead body of a woman. Things start to get even more bizarre and extraordinary when the writer reads the pages of a manuscript, found scattered around the woman’s body, that describe his own life, causing reality to blur with fiction andthrowing the writer’s world into a nightmarish spin.

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The Writer