The Writer's Circle

2013, 9 minutes

Short about the competitive nature of an creative writing class.

Martin likes to think of himself as a writer. Problem is, he's just not very good at writing.While attending weekly meetings of an amateur writer's circle, headed by the pompous Hugo, Martin bears constant sniggering at his drafts from a group of equally frustrated wannabes. At one particularly humiliating script read-through, an exasperated Hugo tells Martin to write from his own experiences - "write what you know!". Which, unfortunately, Martin takes too literally. Walking back home through a park that night, Martin snaps at a homeless man, beating him to a pulp and leaving him to die in the bushes. Exhilarated, he begins to scribble down notes about his encounter. He soon realises that the story he's scribbled down in front of him is the best thing he's ever written - so raw, so visceral, so… real. After all, Martin doesn't have the imagination to make something like that up in his head - and now there's only one thing he can do to give him more inspiration. Quickly, things start to get a little out of hand…

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Matt Thomas
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Anthony Anthimou
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