The Young

    • 2011 40 minutes

      A post-apocalyptic thriller following a group of soldiers sent to kill revolutionaries.

      It follows the story of a man (Cael) who leads a team of survivors through post apocalyptic England - half a century away, in a landscape unforgiving and impossible to comprehend. They are born into destruction. One day, he is captured by 'The Front' - the most prominent faction of the destroyed government; an institution based on totalitarian philosophy. Politicians are soldiers. Importance is determined by rank. There is no such thing as a trial. There is only execution or torture. The state of affairs is based solely on rank, pure ascendency and your gender i.e. you will get on fine if you have killed many people, were born in a barracks, and your a man.
      The Front want to get rid of the remaining survivors. After a long time imprisoned, they look to take Cael on a journey as a means of doing this. Calling a Sergeant from London, they promote him to Captain on arrival and put him in charge of proceedings. This is their retribution- a punishment for Cael's war crimes against 'The Front' and all they stand for. He must make the decision to become part of the overwhelming power or to fight against it once more. His family, still struggling on in the wilderness, wait for him. He hasn't seen them for years.

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    • Young, the