Three Dots and a Dash

  • 2017 120 minutes

    Crime Comedy

    Three Dots and a Dash is a crime comedy based on the lives of immigrants in London. Four immigrants who lose their regular jobs during the great recession in London are lured in to crime. No jobs offered, they join a gang of criminals and start to con people. Things get out of hand when they are not able to finish a task and they decide to quit the world of crime, but not before they pay off the gangs what they owed. They resort to more crime to pay off their debt and get dangerously involved with two international gangs operating in London. With the gangs on one hand and the Scotland Yard on the other, the gang of four team up to a solid plan that can settle all things. Things turnaround when this petty gang turn into vigilantes and help the police nail the dangerous gangs in the end bringing about the intrinsic theme of the movie that Crime never pays.

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Alternative Names

  • Three Dots & A Dash