Tooting Broadway Flatmates

2008, 11 minutes

The story of an emasculated hero struggling to recover from redundancy.

A few weeks have passed and Eve has moved in with Adam. She informs Adam that she is going to hold a housewarming party, but the invitation is not overtly extended to him. Adam painfully makes himself scarce at the party as it is clear to him that he is not an invited guest. Eve decides to compensate Adam for not being invited to the dinner party by cooking him a meal, albeit from his own resources without his permission. During the dinner, emotions bubble up underneath as Adam seethes at having his weekly ration cooked in a single night for a communal meal. They both eat quietly without talking until Eve decides to break the ice. Adam vents his frustration, but is rebuffed when Eve issues him a challenge to cook a better meal. She gets up and leaves the room, slamming the door behind her. She stands in the passageway almost in tears, feeling as though she has failed to find a home once again. Adam is left alone at the table with his emotions. He clears the plates, but when he sees the empty packet of chicken on the surface he is reminded of her challenge. He decides in his mind that in order to keep the peace he will rise to her challenge and cook her a meal.

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