Train Time Zeit Zug

2011, 140 minutes

TTZZ is a documentary and an exhibition about the hypothetical construction of this project, its interests and its drawbacks, its absurdity and its cleverness.

An artist has a vision. He wants to build a 2400 km circular high speed train track in central Europe crossing Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. A convoy running at 200 km/h will need 12 hours to cover the circle. Its movement will act as an art installation, a continental dimension clock, a tourist attraction and as a symbol of the European identity. A mega budget meta project, Train Time carves out a much needed space for discussion between our present and what is possible. Whether from the perspective of politicians, the public, privileged passengers or crew, we can ask where are we going, and at what cost.

Connected mandy members:

Umut Gunduz
Director (Self Shooting)
Sound Recordist & Designer