Truth Hunter

    • 2019 30 minutes

      Comedy Drama about a washed-up actor from a 1980s TV cop show

      Roy Keeling was star of the 1980's archetypal TV cop show, "Truth Hunter". Now in the 2010's he's a washed-up has been, living off past glory through the fan convention circuit.

      Roy meets Peter, ostensibly a big fan of Roy and the Truth Hunter show. But it becomes clear that Peter is nursing a 30-year long grudge against Roy, whom he sees as having "stolen" his role.

      He takes his revenge by making Roy act out a role - as a kidnapped woman - in a recreation of an episode in the TV series.

      The scenario involves a red dress and wig. booby-trapped bomb-vest, a vintage Ford Granada and running around the New Forest in the rain, with a tent on Roy's head...

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      • Truth Hunter Productions

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